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PageCure Trading Establishment

Terms of Service

This is an agreement between you, referred to hereafter as “the client”, and PageCure Trading Establishment, the service provider, hereafter referred to as “PageCure”, or “we/us”. By submitting an order request and paying for our services, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions. By confirming your order, you grant PageCure the permission to edit and modify your submitted files in accordance with your required services. PageCure reserves the right to change the terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

A. Description of Service:

  1. PageCure offers medical research services to review and edit written medical research manuscripts and proposals in preparation for publication and submission (manuscript services) as well as statistical analysis services for research data (statistical services).

  2. PageCure will not write or conduct original research for its clients.

  3. PageCure does not provide literature review, data collection, study design conception, publication or submission services.

  4. Despite our best efforts at improving the quality of submitted manuscripts and proposals, PageCure is unable to guarantee publication or acceptance. These depend on many factors beyond the scope of editing, and outside of PageCure's control.

  5. For manuscript services: after completion of service and delivery, clients may send back the same documents for further revision up to 2 times within a 3 month period, free of charge, provided no new services are requested and the word count has not exceeded 500 words more than the word count at delivery.

  6. All requests for statistical services must comply with PageCure's specific instructions for statistical analysis services. Requests that are not in compliance will not be processed.

  7. All quotations will expire after 7 days of issuance if the order is not confirmed. If the client wishes to proceed with the order, an updated quote will be issued on the same reference number as the original quote.

  8.  The formatting service covers 1 journal per request and does not include: cover letter drafting, filling out journal forms, and creating original tables and graphs.

  9. Multiple discounts or promotions may not be combined. PageCure will apply the offer with the lowest price in cases where multiple promotions are running.

  10. Order confirmation is defined as:

    1. Manuscript services: Payment, proof of payment (only if through standard bank transfer), and delivery of all files related to the requested services.

    2. Statistical analysis services: Payment, proof of payment (only if through standard bank transfer), delivery of all files related to the requested services, and approval of the statistical plan (stat plan.)

  11. Orders confirmed before 16:00 (+3 GMT) during working days will be processed that day. Orders confirmed after 16:00 (+3 GMT) will be processed the next day.

  12. Orders confirmed during the weekend (Friday & Saturday) will be processed the following Sunday.

  13. Language editing certificate issuance:

    1. The PageCure language editing certificate is a document issued as proof that a manuscript has undergone professional English language editing, and as such is linguistically ready for publication provided the authors do not apply any unapproved edits after the certificate issuance date.

    2. Any unapproved edits applied after the issuance date invalidate the PageCure language editing certificate.

    3. The PageCure language editing certificate is issued free of charge, upon request, for every manuscript or proposal undergoing our language editing service.

    4. The PageCure language editing certificate will be issued at the time of delivery if the manuscript or proposal has no language issues to resolve.

    5. If there are any pending language issues at the time of delivery, the PageCure language editing certificate will not be issued. The authors must address the issues in the manuscript or proposal and send it back for revision. If all issues are resolved after revision, the certificate will be issued.

    6. PageCure reserves the right to deny issuance of the certificate if its reviewer deems that the language issues are unresolved.

  14. PageCure has the right to offer unlisted services to any client, with pricing determined on a case by case basis.

B. Payment Policy:

  1. Payment in full is due in advance before any services can be offered.

  2. PageCure is not able to accept partial, or delayed payment of any sort. Any order that is partially paid will not be confirmed until the full amount is paid.

  3. Payment can be made through an online payment processor, or through standard bank transfer.
  4. Additional transfer fees may apply. Fees will vary by payment method.
  5. When paying through standard bank transfer, proof of payment (e.g. receipt, etc.) must be uploaded with the research files when confirming your order. Failure to do so will delay work on your order until PageCure receives notification of payment from the bank.
  6. Should the submitted word count in the form not match the actual word count as per PageCure's instructions, the following policies apply:
    1. If the actual word count is higher than stated, and crossing into a higher price category, no work will be done on the project until the difference is payed.
    2. If the actual word count is less than stated, and crossing into a lower price category, PageCure will not refund the difference to the client.
    3. If the actual word count is less OR more than stated, and NOT crossing into a different price category, no action will be taken, and work will begin on the project without delay.


C. Refunds and Cancellation of Service:


  1. Clients have the right to cancel a new or pending request at any time.

  2. Any edits applied up to the point of cancellation will be delivered, as is, to the client.

  3. In regards to refunds, the following policies apply:
    1. A full refund will be issued if a client cancels an order within 24 hours of payment.
    2. If cancellation occurs between 2-3 days after payment, a cancellation fee of up to 50% of the paid amount will be deducted from the refunded amount.
    3. Cancellation after 4 days is nonrefundable.
  4. If an order is delayed more than 48 hours from the agreed upon delivery date and time, the client is entitled to a refund of up to 50% of the cost of the delayed service. Any delays attributable to the client will not be considered.


D. Delays in Service and Delivery:

  1. Issuing quotes for new orders will take 1-2 business days for manuscript services requests, and 2-3 business days for statistical analysis requests.

  2. Orders with incomplete information, or those requiring further clarification from the client may experience delays on processing. PageCure will not be responsible for these delays.

  3. The delivery deadline will be defined by the time being 23:59 (+3 GMT) of the agreed upon delivery date.
  4. PageCure is not responsible for any delays in delivery that may occur due to the following circumstances:
    1. Failure of the client to address issues that may arise during the provision of the service.
    2. Requests to modify the order after confirmation.


E. Privacy Policy


  1. The correspondence, billing information and documents - including, but not limited to - manuscripts, proposals, references and raw data - received from clients by PageCure are considered confidential items.

  2. PageCure may retain client information including name, email address, number, residence city, request number, original request and billing information for the purpose of communication and record keeping.

  3. PageCure does not keep clients’ original or edited files, and they will be cleared from PageCure's devices within 2 weeks of project delivery or cancellation.
  4. PageCure employees do not have the right to use any client material, in whole or in part, or ideas expressed therein, for any personal use - including but not limited to - personal research projects.
  5. PageCure has the right to share personal client information and files with third parties to perform services on its behalf. PageCure will ensure, to the best of its ability, these third parties only use the shared information to provide the required services and maintain the privacy and confidentiality of all shared information and files. These services include, but are not limited to, communication management, web hosting, online file hosting, accounting, data processing, and payment processing.

F. Right to Refuse Service


  1. PageCure has the right to refuse accepting any requests at its discretion, without having to state the reasoning for refusal.

  2. ​PageCure has the right to refuse accepting requests with incomplete information.

Last updated on 8/4/2020

Privacy Policy
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