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With our systematic approach, we deliver consistent and timely results everytime


Fill in the form and select the services in accordance with your needs. Our staff will notify you the moment we start processing your application. You will receive a quote detailing the pricing of each service for your approval. Once approved, the relevant files to your project will be requested. A junior reviewer will be assigned to your project immediately.

Multi-Tier Revision System:
Your paper will go through three different phases depending on the required service:

  1. One of our junior reviewers will be assigned your document. They will begin basic edits and highlight issues for the senior reviewer.

  2. Technical reviews are forwarded to a senior reviewer, who will conduct a primary review based on the first reviewer's recommendations. Changes will be made at this point and a summary of changes including notes and comments will be added.

  3. The paper is given a final check by PageCure coordinators for quality and consistency before being sent to you for approval.




You can expect to receive your edited paper within 5-14 days, depending on word count and services required. You will be notified of an exact delivery date when you submit a request.


Completed Project:
All changes made to your document will be highlighted. A small summary of the changes made and the issues to be addressed will be included. You may review them and notify us of any concerns regarding the editing up to 1 week after delivery.

Learn from your mistakes

We aim to make you better. The included summary of edits will include thoughtful comments on your writing and style. You can identify your common mistakes and work on correcting them.

We care about Privacy

Your work is valuable. We work hard to ensure that your paper remains confidential at all stages of editing. Once your paper is delivered, it will be deleted from our servers within two weeks.

One Step at a time

We handle each of your requests one at a time. This keeps us focused on what needs to be done before moving to the next task. The same team handles your paper from start to finish for consistent work every time.

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