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Frequently Asked Questions


Is PageCure affiliated with any universities? 

No. PageCure is an independent, privately held establishment, registered with the Saudi ministry of commerce. We have a diverse team that come from different universities across the Kingdom.


What is a junior reviewer? 

A junior reviewer is typically a senior medical student with research experience who does the first tier edits on your paper. Our junior reviewers are rigorously selected based on academic performance, research achievements and experience, and are highly capable of identifying major issues with your manuscript or proposal. 


What is a senior reviewer? 

A senior reviewer is responsible for the second tier edits. Our senior reviewers are academic physicians, PhDs, and masters in the health sciences field. They have extensive research experience and are able to identify the more subtle issues with your paper. 


What are the Recommendations for the Conduct, Reporting, Editing, and Publication of Scholarly Work in Medical Journals? 

A set of recommendations and guidelines issued by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE). According to the ICMJE, the purpose of the recommendation is:


"to review best practice and ethical standards in the conduct and reporting of research and other material published in medical journals, and to help authors, editors, and others involved in peer review and biomedical publishing create and distribute accurate, clear, reproducible, unbiased medical journal articles. The recommendations may also provide useful insights into the medical editing and publishing process for the media, patients and their families, and general readers." 

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What is a manuscript? 


When a study is completed, the findings must be written in a specific format. Sufficient background, previous work in the field, description of how the study was conducted, and discussion must be presented in addition to the findings. When such a document is prepared for publication, it is called a research manuscript. 


What is a proposal? 


A research proposal is similar to a manuscript, but is aimed at securing approval to conduct a study or to secure funding. A proposal describes what is known about a topic, and what you intend to do in your study. In addition, a proposal will contain sections for ethical concerns, funding details, conflict of interest disclosure, and study rationale. 



Why is research editing important? 


Before conducting research, many hospitals and universitites require some form of institutional review board (IRB) approval before the study can begin. Similarly, completed research must be published by a peer-reviewed medical journal in order for the scientific community to examine the findings and for you to gain recognition. 

Research proposals and manuscripts must be clear and concise to meet these objectives. One of the main reasons for publication delay and manuscript refusal is confusing writing. Utilizing professional editing services saves you time and improves your odds at publishing.

Will hiring research editing services for my paper affect my chances of publication or acceptance negatively?

No. In fact, it will improve your chances of being published or accepted. Many professional researchers speak English as a second language, and utilize services like ours to make sure their papers are as clear as possible when they submit their papers. An edited paper makes it easier for a journal reviewer to assess your paper, which will reduce the revision period.



Will you rewrite my paper? 


No. We will not rewrite your manuscript or proposal in anyway that alters the meaning of the content. The extent of our editing process is rephrasing and rearranging sentences. 



I'm worried my work will be stolen or leaked... 


Our clients' privacy and security is our #1 priority at PageCure. We work hard to ensure that your paper remains confidential at all stages of editing. Once your paper is delivered, it will be deleted from PageCure servers within 1 week. For more information, see our privacy policy. 



Do you offer research services in other fields? 


At the current time, we only offer research services for the health science fields. Stay posted, as we'll be applying our services to new fields gradually.

Do you accept submissions in other languages?

Sorry, we only accept manuscripts and proposals written in English.

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